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Vue News Tuesday, November 28

Vue News Preview / TLDR

  • That tutorial mostly focused on the set up of SSR in a Laravel environment and so I only had time to demonstrate a simple “Hello World” app with no significant features.
  • Now I want to build on that previous tutorial and demonstrate how to server render a Vue app that includes multiple pages with Vue Router, since most of your Laravel projects will have more than one page.
  • We then store the URL in a global JavaScript variable that will be accessible from the Vue server app when it runs in the sandbox.
  • The last major step is to modify the Vue server app so that we can programmatically set the URL rather than waiting for a user to do it.
  • Let’s create some router links in the page so we can test the app in a browser: – – Loading the home page look like this: – – The real test is visiting a route in the navigation bar so the server routes handle the request and hopefully SSR the…

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  • Pusher makes building real-time applications super easy, and we can easily plug it into a Vue.js app to give our users a great experience.
  • For reviewing a movie, we will be creating a simple form which will be used to fetch a movie from the Netflix Roulette public database API: – – We will create a form in the above code and will specify a custom fetchMovie() event handler on form submit.
  • So, for completing the base application, register components in App.vue, and display the templates: – – Now the run the application and check the basic functionalities of retrieving movies and adding reviews.
  • Adjust our addReview method to post to the API a new review is published, listen for events broadcast by Pusher, and update it with details.
  • Now, create a subscribe method which performs the below mention tasks: – – Add node server.js to the application’s development or start script so the API server starts along with the server provided by the webpack template: – – So, we have learned how to make a Vue.js app real-time, by…

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  • In this post, I’m going to provide an open source Vue.js blog demo + cover: – – The result will be a JAMstack-ready, truly decoupled Vue blog you can plug to any data source—more on that later.
  • A good hint that you’re falling into this trap is if you’re fetching data and parsing the response directly in your Vue components.
  • In we pass the plugin and our resource collection to Vue like so: – – Now all that’s left to do is to call the resources from our components by adding a option with the name of the resource we want to use.
  • We’ve got our component’s data object schema, all filled out with placeholders as recommended by Vue and our resource definition.
  • Which means you could completely change API providers & data structure and nothing would change in your Vue components.

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  • js runs, the sidebar will catch the event, receive the data and call the internal method handleUpdateSidebarData which then updates the component state.This way we can easily communicate between the two sides using existing tools and if we need to send data from the sidebar to the main application, we…
  • After moving the application templates and assets to its own project, it was now time to implement the best tools to develop with Vue.Just like React has create-react-app, Vue also has a similar set of tools that provide developers with Webpack configured with hot reload, linting, css extraction and vue-loader,…
  • /h1And here is the equivalent component written using Single File ComponentsAll the code related to this component is in one single file, so its much easier to maintain and to understand.Take a look at vuejs-templates/webpack if you want to start using Single File Components right away.Managing common dependenciesIf you have…
  • You don’t need to strive for 100% code coverage, if you’re above 80% you’re already pretty good.Example of code coverage reported by Jest using the included Istanbul Code CoverageBecause you’re reading this article, you’re probably already using Vue or planning to use Vue, so here are some tips on Jest that…
  • A good example is a service that makes network requests to fetch information.In this example I show a function that preforms a network request, and returns a Promise with the result in JSON.If you’re testing a component that has Api.js as a dependency, you will want to mock this service…

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