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Vue News Wednesday, February 7

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  • Vue.js News Announcement – The Vue Point –
    • We are excited to announce the Vue.js News platform. We aim to provide a reliable way to follow on all the important news for Vue.js developers like you.
    • Vue related newsletter, rapidly growing ecosystem, new subscriber notifications, Vue.js News platform, Vue Mastery team
  • Building a Modal Component with Vue.js
    • How to create a reusable and accessible modal component in Vue.js using slots and transitions
    • px, button type, reusable modal component, modal box, div class
  • The Ultimate Vue.js & Laravel CRUD Tutorial
    • I’ll show you how to set up a full-stack VueJS/Laravel app and demo each of the CRUD operations. We’ll use Axios for AJAX, and I’ll also show you strategies for dealing with the tricky UX of this architecture.
    • CRUD operations, Vue/Laravel CRUD app, default Laravel frontend, demo full-stack app, new Crud data
  • Vue on 2018 — Interview with Evan You, author of the Vue.js framework
    • No one can deny it: Vue.js is booming. The Progressive JavaScript framework is making big gains with a growing community of users & a large amount of developers wanting to learn how to use it. Will…
    • Vue, Evan, React, Vue users, core team

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Author: Damian Dulisz

  • Vue.js News AnnouncementSome of you might have already found out, but today it’s official — we are excited to announce the Vue.js News platform.
  • Right from the source.The news platform consists of:Weekly Newsletter (previously known as Vue.js Newsletter)News Podcast covering the highlights from the newsletterA webpage where you can read and listen to all of the aboveHow it all startedOne and a half year ago, some time in July, I got together with Krzysztof Jung…
  • To the point we had to turn off the new subscriber notifications as the emails flooded our mailboxes in the first several minutes after announcing the newsletter.
  • If you’re not a subscriber yet, subscribe here!More than just a NewsletterAlthough the Vue.js Newsletter project started as side-project for Krzysztof and me while working at Monterail, thanks to the generous donation from Monterail, the newsletter has since become the official news channel for the Vue.js organisation.
  • Due to their involvement, each newsletter issue will be additionally covered in the form of a weekly podcast.Now you will be to get the news the way you like it.You can already subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcasts, Android, Stitcher or simply using RSS.Get involvedOf course, even we won’t…

Tags: Vue related newsletter, rapidly growing ecosystem, new subscriber notifications, Vue.js News platform, Vue Mastery team

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Author: Filipa Lacerda

  • In this article you’ll learn how to create a reusable modal component using transitions and slots.
  • We’ll need a div for the backdrop shade, a div to act as the modal box and some elements to define it’s structure: – – Notice the use of slots?
  • Let’s set some defaults for the slots, the wrapper elements and the initial CSS to make it look like a basic modal.
  • Every time a component or an element wrapped by a transition is inserted or removed, Vue will check if the given element has a CSS transitions and will add or remove them at the right time.
  • First let’s start by adding a transition wrapper component to our modal: – – Now let’s add a transition for the opacity to fade slowly by using the applied classes: – – Now our modal opens and closes smoothly!

Tags: px, button type, reusable modal component, modal box, div class

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Author: Anthony Gore

  • In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set up a full-stack Vue & Laravel app and demo each of the CRUD operations.
  • This method is responsible for retrieving our Cruds from the backend and will target the action of our Laravel controller, thus using the GET endpoint /api/cruds.
  • In the case of the method, we could update the Crud object in the frontend app instantly before the AJAX call is made, since we already know the new state.
  • Now that you understand the key points of the architecture, you will be able to understand these last two operations without my commentary: – – As you know, our CRUD operations are asynchronous, and so there’s a small delay while we wait for the AJAX call to reach the server,…
  • As you can see from the inline style, when the class is added to , it will completely cover the app, adding a greyish tinge and preventing any click events from reaching the buttons and selects: – – The last piece of the puzzle is to toggle the class by…

Tags: CRUD operations, Vue/Laravel CRUD app, default Laravel frontend, demo full-stack app, new Crud data

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Author: Liesbeth Hermans

  • I was using Angular and I wanted to build something lighter, so I started to experiment in the early stages – I think for about 6 months.I was becoming pretty bored and decided to turn Vue into a proper open source project.
  • Today people consider Vue an equal choice as to Angular and React.
  • But Angular, React and Vue each have a group of users that are naturally attracted to the solution because it sits well with their mental model.React kind of attracts a lot of functional oriented programmers.
  • Vue was able to fill a market gap between React and Angular and that’s why we were able to grow to where we are today.How would you counter critics that say there’s no big company behind Vue?
  • “You can look at the track records and see how we handled breaking change in the past: we don’t want to break our user’s code”- Evan YouTo be honest there are so many companies, and I think around 300.000 developers using Vue in the world today.

Tags: Vue, Evan, React, Vue users, core team

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